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Examples of our achievement

listing up some of the result for our clients.

Access and sales increase
for 2 consecutive years
and No. 1 share in the industry

E-Commerce for Woman's rental clothing

【E-Commerce for
Woman's rental clothing】

Website traffic 120%UP
for 2 years in a row

E-commerce website for Store supplies

【E-commerce website for
Store supplies】

60times UP of website traffic and 40times UP
for inquiries, since renewed website

E-commerce website for Promotional products

【E-commerce website for
Promotional products】

Website makes monthly sales 8million
JPY in first year after launching

Wedding Photo Studio

【Wedding Photo Studio】

80% cost cut by our advice and
increased number of patients through website

Website of Beauty clinic

【Website of Beauty clinic】

Essences of consultation by MPH


MPH is a "company that helps you create profits by utilizing the WEB".
Introducing consulting content only for MPH!

  1. Research

    ① MPH do research to know the potential of your business !!

    In order to generate sales and profits, it is first necessary to know "where is the growth margin/waste?".
    MPH provides [Competition investigation] [Market research], [In-house analysis], etc. on your behalf.

  2. Proposal with

    ② MPH suggest the proposal with details which you can start immediately !!

    We will guide you in an easy-to-understand format, "What should you do specifically?"
    In order to eliminate the waste found by the investigation and extend the growth margin.

  3. Set

    ③ MPH set the priorities of task according to the cost and potential !!

    There are times when "do what you can do!" Works, but it often results in waste. MPH create a TO-DO list with priorities based on the balance between the expected value when the proposal is executed and the required cost (human resource, time,and money).

  4. Goal and
    Action Plan

    ④ MPH create the goals and action plans !!

    Based on the results of the survey, we will also set goals and propose action plans in sixmonths, one year, and two years.
    Monthly meetings can be made more steadily by following the goals and action plans that have been set.

  5. Efficiency

    ⑤ MPH suggest software service and staffing for efficiency !!

    We also propose optimal staffing and the introduction of web tools or software services, so that you can work more efficiently and effectively.

  6. Direction

    ⑥ MPH proceed with management ,not to end with suggestions !!

    It is very difficult for a company to start a new thing. It's also more difficult if it's something you do for a little future achievement. Therefore, MPH will not only make proposals but also manage and proceed with TODO-list!

  7. Achievement

    ⑦ MPH analyze the results and run the PDCA cycle to improve business performance !!

    If the results of the measures implemented are not properly measured, even if the results are good, we cannot be said to be sufficient.
    By properly measuring the results, you will be able to make more accurate choices thereafter. MPH also analyze the results and improve the business performance by running the PDCA cycle.

  8. Analyze

    ⑧ MPH propose the latest effective digital marketing !!

    In the ever-evolving WEB / IT industry, it is difficult to keep up with trends. And it's even harder to determine which marketing method works. By proposing the latest methods that are effective for your company, MPH will be able to maximize opportunities without missing the trend.

All the plan include service as below

  • Unlimited keywords SEO measures Unlimited keywords
    SEO measures
  • WEB advertising optimization proposal WEB advertising
    optimization proposal
  • Suggestions for using Social media Suggestions for using
    Social media
  • Access analysis Access analysis
  • Monthly Meeting Monthly Meeting
  • Communicate with Email / Chat Communicate with
    Email / Chat
  • Introduction of external brain Introduction of
    external brain
  • ヒートマップツールによる解析・ご提案 Introduction of
    external brain
  • MEO measures MEO measures
  • Reporting by data portal Reporting by
    data portal
  • Proposal for reducing running costs Proposal for reducing
    running costs
  • Support for acquiring repeaters Support for acquiring

MPH is good at handling with below industries


MPH picks up industries and industries that have experience of improving business performance through WEB consulting in the past.
We will lead your company to success with a web marketing method based on achievements.


Key points to successfully attract customers on the Web in the lawyer industry

  1. Since there are various needs such as traffic accidents, divorce problems, debt consolidation,etc., we will attract customers not only with "lawyer + area name" but also with [consultation content keywords] such as "traffic accident + area name".
  2. If you want to increase sales steadily, strengthen the consultation content for companies that are easy to repeat.
  3. If there is a consultation content that you are good at, create a specialized site after investigating marketability and competitiveness.
  4. Since it is difficult to outsource content creation, the homepage is created at once rather than gradually.
  • Achieved high-ranking display through content marketing and internal measures! Double the number of accesses in half a year !
  • After renewal support, the number of inquiries will increase by 500%!
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(Online shop)

Key points to successfully attract customers with E-commerce website

  1. The biggest sales promotion for malls such as Rakuten and Yahoo! is to make sales! Increase the number of rotations even if the profit margin is low at the beginning of the store or immediately after the launch of new products! Price cuts and appendices are also considered as sales promotion expenses.
  2. Implement SEO measures on product pages and category pages as well. The key points of the top display are the quality and quantity of internal links and content.
  3. Create a promotional calendar and start promoting half a year ago.
  4. The store manager concentrates on sales promotion by making good use of subcontractors for product shipping and handling.
  5. Use MA(Marketing Automation) services to gradually reduce the new customer's percentage of sales, which means to increase the percentage of repeaters.
  • In one year of the support, the number of access to the Rakuten site doubled !!
  • ■Sales increase by 1000% in half a year from the start of support!
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Key points to successfully attract customers on the Web in the Beauty Clinic industry

  1. Not only "worries" such as wanting to raise spots, wrinkles, and nose, treatment menus such as laser hair removal, "cosmetic dermatology / cosmetic surgery + area name", but also "stains + area name" [worry keywords] Attract customers with [treatment menu keywords] such as "laser hair removal + area name".
  2. We will carry out a first-time limited campaign to lower the entrance price anyway
  3. We will guide you to communication tools such as LINE and maximize the chances of contact with patients.
  4. Because of the industry that is easy to repeat, Web sales promotion costs are viewed by lifetime value per customer (LTV) instead of one-off.
  5. Patients have a great deal of anxiety before coming to the hospital, so we will embody the ability to serve customers on our website.
  • After the website renewal with us, many keywords have been successfully displayed at the top! The number of visits is 150%!
  • Reviewing promotion expenses to increase sales to 140%!
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Portal website

Key points to successfully attract customers to Portal Website

  1. To approach from a niche trade area rather than a large trade area and accumulate small wins.
  2. The initial stage focuses on content formation rather than results.
  3. We will improve the UI / UX on a regular basis and form a mechanism to receive content from users and registered companies.
  4. Areas and categories that you want to strengthen can be dealt with by adjusting the site structure (internal links) to minimize costs.
  • Achieved SEO 5th place in almost all areas of 47 prefectures with "keyword + area name"!
  • With more than millions of PVs, the number of accesses has increased to 120% in half a year since the start of support!
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customers to

  • One year after opening a store, monthly sales exceeded 8 million yen just by attracting customers online
  • 500% increase in inquiries with branding strategy!
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  • Achieved 5th place in SEO for "catering" alone!
  • Sales will reach 300% in one year after the renewal!
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Services and Price


Information of MPH services and fees: Starting from 200,000 JPY per month, we have abundant success stories in your industry.
MPH web consultant will help you to increase your sales

200,000JPY(+ tax)month per site
  • Monthly consulting at your company ・Proposal of website improvement plan・Implementation of competitive investigation・Analysis by Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Email, chat, and phone support・ Keyword unlimited SEO measures
  • Setting priority of measures・ Social media utilization advice・Introduction of external brain・Set goals, KPIs, and milestones
  • Report creation using Google Data Portal・Analysis by heat map tool・Promise of reply within 24 hours
  • Proposal for MEO measures・SEO penalty check
  • Proposal for reducing running costs ・Persona setting assistance Repeater acquisition support / EFO proposal
300,000JPY(+ tax)month per site

In addition to all the contents of PLAN20

  • Management of TODO list・Proposals for utilizing Web advertisements such as listing advertisements・ Planning proposals for satellite sites
  • instructions to people other than the person in charge (production companies, etc.) ・Operation improvement proposal ・ Supply chain proposals
  • cross-border EC logistics proposals・Customer journey map creation
400,000JPY(+ tax)month per site

In addition to all the contents of PLAN30

  • Conducting competitive surveys covering about 100 items, proposing product pricing, branding strategies, media site planning
  • Support for weekends and holidays・In-house WEB marketing seminar・Proposal for introduction and utilization of MA tools
  • The actual transportation fee will be charged separately.
  • Costs may vary depending on the industry and trade area.
  • If you do not currently bring your homepage or wish to create a homepage such as a renewal, please check the price list.
Everyone who wants to improve their business performance
by utilizing the WEB Consultation is free.
Please feel free to contact us.
Monday to FridayJapan Time 10:00 - 19:00
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Phylosophy of MPH


We are here to create a positive business model for our clients.
Thank you for visiting our website. We are an industry-specific web consultingcompany with successful know-how. At the time of establishment, I was pretty worried about specializing in theseindustries due to the dissociation from the company's sales and the desire for morecompanies to succeed. However, we are a company that supports the area of corporate web strategy, which is becoming more and more critical in this era.
In order to realize the purpose of our client "keeping profits and increasing profits",rather than making proposals based on the information we received halfway through.
[We should specialize in industries that actually have successful experiences andknow-how. It also increases the chances of success. And that leads to the creation ofa positive business model].
We are here to create a positive business model for our clients.

Therefore we are very sorry that it's difficult for us to support many companies, but we will do our best to provide the Web consultingservice that leads to the result for the companies from the industries in which we are specialized.
In addition, we believe that having service providers continue to produce results is the only way for us to survive and for us tocontribute to society.

We are sorry that we can't support for the companies as follows

  1. ①Companies belonging to organizations that are against antisocial forces and public order and morals.
  2. ②Companies that handle products that violate our policy.
  3. ③If you have already made a contract for the same industry / industry within the commercial area.
Everyone who wants to improve their business performance
by utilizing the WEB Consultation is free.
Please feel free to contact us.
Monday to FridayJapan Time 10:00 - 19:00
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